Employee Spotlight – Sherri Jackson

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Employee Spotlight – Sherri Jackson


  • What is your favorite part of working at Harman Realty?
    My favorite part would have to be the building we do!  It’s NEVER boring!  You just never know what the day is going to be like until you walk through the door.  I especially like the relationships I’ve built over the last thirteen years with a wide variety of people – from bankers, to contractors, to tenants – both residential and commercial.

  • What is the most challenging part of your job?
    Getting credit card receipts from Randy!

  • What is your favorite thing about living in Harrisonburg?
    It was a good place to raise my kids, but now that all three are raised and on their own, the beach is screaming my name!

  • What would you like to see for future development in Harrisonburg?
    Commercially, I’d love to see a SONIC, Burlington, and Home Goods come to town.  Would also like to see some of the older apartment buildings remodeled and converted into affordable housing for people that live here.  There is a severe shortage of assisted housing in the area and not much attention is paid to it.

  • Describe yourself in one sentence.
    I must KNOW!  I have questions, and more questions, and even more questions – and I won’t stop until they are answered!

  • What is an interesting fact about you?
    When I was younger, I took a combination of tap, jazz, ballet, and gymnastics for 13 years.  I also played the flute in an award-winning marching band in high school.

  • When you’re not on the clock, what are some of your favorite activities?
    Facetiming with my best friend in Texas, sitting on my deck watching the hummingbirds, decorating my kitchen table for the next big holiday, watching HGTV, and/or cooking.

  • What is a recent movie you loved and why?
    Just Mercy – it was a good movie about the true-life story of attorney Bryan Stevenson.  When I was younger, I wanted to do exactly what he did – battle for the under dogs!  He’s spent his life working for justice for wrongly accused people on Death Row whom no one else would listen to or believe.  If I could do it all again, I’d like to do something similar.

  • How would you describe your job to a child?
    I do a wide variety of things, but helping people is my most treasured of all.

  • Would you let us hook up your ‘Recently Played’ list on Spotify to the office speakers?
    Sure!  There’s quite a mix on there – country, southern rock, a little rap, a lot of Motown and old country.

  • What would your pet say about you if we asked for a reference?
    Our cat, Bishop, would say: “She gets upset when I climb on the kitchen table and mess with her decorations.”

  • If you could redesign the food pyramid without any dire health consequences how would it look?
    Bread, ice cream, french fries.

  • Everyone has a good app idea. What’s yours?
    An abuse registry – a place anyone could go and look up their current or possible beau and find out if there was any documented history of physical abuse towards others. I feel like it would save a lot of heartache and maybe even some lives.

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