Realtor® Spotlight – Brad Cohen

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Realtor® Spotlight – Brad Cohen

Brad’s Bio


  • How long have you been selling real estate in Harrisonburg?
    4 years.

  • How many homes do you sell in an average year?

  • How many homes did you sell last year?
    31. 11 seller sides. 20 buyer sides.

  • What did you do for work before real estate?
    Real estate is my first and only career. I started selling when I was in college.

  • What community organizations and non-profits are you involved with?
    Rockingham Rotary Club, On the Road Collaborative, Any Given Child and Valley Business Keynote.

  • What is your favorite local restaurant?
    All of them. But you will most frequently find me at Jack Browns or Billy Jacks.

  • What is an interesting fact about you?
    I have jumped out of more airplanes than I have landed in.

If you know someone looking to buy or sell in the Shenandoah Valley, give Brad a shout on his cell (540) 830-7239 or send him an email at

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